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Celebrate Lithgow 2013 saw the launch of the concept plans for the development of the Eskbank Wagon Maintenance and Training Centre as well as the Eskbank Locomotive Depot and Museum.

Erected on the most eastern part of the Eskbank yard will be a replica engine shed together with the installation of a Sellers 60' turntable which has already been delivered to the site. This part of the development will faithfully recreate the Eskbank locomotive depot as it was built in 1886 and will house the museum's locomotives and rolling stock. This area will become the centrepiece of a working museum dedicated to showcasing the history and the importance the railway played in developing Lithgow as the "Birmingham of Australia" at the turn of the last century.

The museum's collection will be made up of locomotives and rolling stock relocated from the Lithgow State Mine site to the Eskbank Rail Heritage Centre. Once established there is also the possibility of showcasing other preserved locomotives from other heritage groups on long and shortterm arrangements.

However, the corner stone of this project relies on the establishment of a fully equipped, modern railway workshop building which will handle all facets of wagon maintenance including wheel turning as well as providing storage for the museum's rolling stock and locomotives.

This will provide an opportunity to develop a working museum to showcase Lithgow's unique rail heritage and will create a synergy with other tourist attractions in the vicinity to encourage visitors to prolong their stay in the town.
The Eskbank Locomotive Depot & Museum has concluded final arrangements to purchase a Lima 70 Ton 3 truck Shay similar to those that operated on the Wolgan Valley Railway at the turn of the last century.

The hunt to secure a Shay locomotive begun almost 5 years ago and has finally concluded with the acquisition of a Shay located in California. The locomotive built in 1910 will become the centre piece of an operational display dedicated to the Commonwealth Oil Corporation which built the massive oil shale works at Newnes and the 53 kilometre railway that connected it to the worldwide markets.

Further details will be released in coming weeks on how people can assist the company to restore what will become Australia's only standard gauge Shay locomotive.